Dagad Ful

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Dagad Ful is known as Black Stone Flower or Kalpasi as well.

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Dagad Phool or Stone Flower is a lichen. It has no taste, no smell and is light like paper. You cannot crush it or powder it – it has to be torn apart like say, cellophane tape. It is used extensively in Chettinad cooking, especially chicken curries etc., and in the maharashtrian ‘Goda’ masala.

Parmotrema perlatum, commonly known as black stone flower, kalpasi or Dagad Ful, is a species of lichen used as spice in India. The species occurs throughout the temperate Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Typically used in meat dishes like nahari, Bombay biryani, Goat meat stews, it is also used in vegetarian dishes.

It is used to make Goda Masala, that is an important ingredient in Maharashtrian cuisine.

It is also widely used in making the potli Masala of non-vegetarian preparations like Naali Nihari and biryani.

Chettinad cuisine also makes use of this lichen to make marinades. It releases a very strong aroma when tempered for gravies and curries.

Apart from this, it is used to make various Indian spice mix like curry powder, garam Masala, East Indian bottle Masala.

Buy Online At Best Prices On K M Supermarket – Your Trusted Source For Groceries

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